“To survive in the future economy, kids must learn how to research, publish and communicate, working with the Internet and other information tools.."
                   ~~ Alan November
iOS 10
Have you updated your Apple Device to iOS10?
Click here once you do to discover hidden features. 

all things google

  • Google Translate


    Teachers and students who need help with translations should use Google Translate . 

tech tip

Microsoft Office 2013

Create and Edit PDF Files

Office has toyed around with PDF files in past versions, but this time around Microsoft got serious. In the past you could save as PDF, but now you can actually edit. The new Word 2013 allows you to open PDF files, edit them there, and then save them as either DocX files or PDFs.

To save a file as PDF simply click “Save” and then use the dropdown menu to choose the .PDF option. It is one of the many file types you can choose here.

keep calm

Keep Calm

  • CCE Owl Pellet Investigation

    Mrs. Abby Morse's 3rd grade students of Champ Cooper Elementary connected with the Discovery Center of Springfield through a video conference to learn about animal habits, adaptations of predators and prey, and population control through food webs. Students were able to examine different animal skulls and identify the three different types of teeth to determine the animals role in an ecosystem. Finally, students dissected owl pellets and used the bones found to determine the type of prey. 


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  • TangiTech Hour of Code  
     Natalbany Middle - Hour of Code

    Ms. Philipson's 4th grade classes at Natalbany Middle School rock the hour of CODE. Students began using CODE at the start of the 3rd six weeks and really enjoy it.  Here are some comments from our students: Jaron says CODE has taught him that it's not that easy to make a computer game, it actually takes a lot of work.  Shaylia likes that there are different levels and you feel like you have accomplished something at the end of each one. Jack says sometimes he struggles, but he enjoys the challenge and knows it is helping him to learn how to process his thoughts. Roneitra calls it brain work, a fun way to learn. Sonia is just plain excited she is learning how to program a computer. Keno likes that he gets to work with images instead of a lot of words.

     Hour of Code at VES
     The students in Mrs.Van Huss Class 5th grade at Martha Vinyard Elementary work together to build code as part of the international "Hour of Code" movement taking place this December.  Dr. Elizabeth Pourciau has begun to introduce the skill of coding to her students during her computer lab classes.
     Hour of Code at OWD

    Sixth grade students of  O.W. Dillon participating in Hour of Code using Code.org during their computer lab time with Ms. Richelle Votaw.  The students in grades 3 - 6 started working on Code.org earlier this school year and have been enjoying it!

     Hour of Code

    Fourth grade students in Mrs. Kirby and Mrs. Tullier's computer lab at DC Reeves began working on learning to code in school. The students first mapped out algorithms on paper before bringing the concept to the computer. Through the website www.code.org, students have the opportunity to learn basic coding skills that can be applied to future computer science concepts.

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  • Woodland Park Breakout Lesson 2016

    Christmas Magic at Woodland Park Magnet School

    Ms. Galofaro’s third grade class at Woodland Park Magnet School worked as a team to solve the Christmas classic clues to unlock a very important message from Santa Clause.  They participated in ultra-engaging learning game called Breakout EDU with a Christmas twist.  Breakout EDU teaches teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve.  This Breakout EDU implemented Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies Common Core Skills while the students had fun learning. 


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  • TangiTechTubs  
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Tangipahoa Parish School System talented art students created artwork for the new Technology Building located on South Morrison Blvd. The artwork hangs in the hallways and adds a creative and beautiful atmosphere to the center. Students from Hammond High Magnet School, Loranger High School, Ponchatoula High School, and Independence High School participated in this endeavor and were treated to a reception in their honor.


  • YouTube Tip

    Are you worried about the ads and banners that surround a YouTube video being in appropriate? Read more....

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  • Bb Classes

    Blackboard classes for educators are offered all throughout the year ...

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  • Taking Pictures

    When taking pictures for school websites or the newspaper, make sure your camera is set on a high resolution so that you will get good high quality photographs.Click title to read more...

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World Book eBook
World Book has unveiled a new product and it is amazing!
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 World Book eBooks offers a collection of highly illustrated, engaging digital titles that support a span of curriculum areas and reading levels. Both teachers and students will enjoy reading books online, both at home and at school, with this amazing digital library.
Oh, and the site is safari compatible, so it works great on iPads too!

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FTP Site

How do I .... access the ftp site?
The FTP site is an internal storage server where all TPSS employees can access files of all types and download to their computers. Click here for directions for accessing the FTP site.

iphone tips

iphone tip

iPad tips


iPad Signature Changes

Does everyone need to know you just sent that email from your iPad? Probably not. Use the following link to find out how to remove the “Sent from my iPad” signature and replace it with your own (or none): www.simplehelp.net/2010/04/03/how-to-remove-the-sent-from-my-ipad-signature-from-outgoing-email-on-your-ipad/