TPSS New Student Registration
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When is the first day of the 2016-17 school year?

A: The first day of school for students is Thursday, August 11, 2016.

Q:  Will I go to the school to register my student?

A:  No, parents register online and call the Registration Center at (985) 474-8690 to make an appointment with a registrar.

Q:  Whom do I contact if I have questions?

A:  Call the Registration Center at (985) 474-8690.

Q:  Where do I go if I do not have a computer with internet access or if I need assistance with online registration?

A:  Parents may go to any public library, the TPSS Registration Office at 59656 Puleston Rd. in Amite, or the TPSS Registration Center at 711 W. Coleman in Hammond.

Q:  How do I find TPSS New Student Registration System online?

A:  Go to and click on the TPSS New Student Registration  image or call (985)474-8690.

Q:  Is there anything else I must do to register my student?

A:  Yes, call the Registration Center at (985) 474-8690 to make an appointment to meet with a registrar. She will tell you which documents to bring with you to the appointment.   

Q: Which school will my student attend in 2016?

A:  During online registration, students will be assigned to schools.

Q: How long will it take to register my student?

A:  It will take about 20 minutes to complete online registration.

Q: Can someone else register my child?

A:  No, only a parent, court-ordered guardian, or a student 18 years or older my complete online registration.

Q:  What happens if I do not complete online registration and submit the required documents?

A: Failing to complete the registration process will delay your student’s admission into any TPSS public school. In order for your child to begin classes on August 11, 2016, parents must register online and make an appointment with a registrar as soon as possible.


IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE:  School assignment is based only on the 911 street address that was entered by the parent/guardian as the student's residency address in TPSS New Student Registration System.  All residency information will be examined and, if necessary, investigated to verify the actual residence of the students.  Parents/guardians will be provided confirmation of the residency verification.

 If at any time the residency information is determined to be false or cannot be verified, the student will immediately be transferred to the correct school in the District or withdrawn and directed to enroll in the public school district of actual residence.   

Any person who presents or is involved in presenting and/or processing of any document that is falsified or otherwise constitutes a fraudulent document presented for the purpose of having a student assigned to a District school for which the student is not zoned to attend under the District's desegregation orders shall be subject to the penalties for perjury or for making a false statement in a federal legal proceeding.

Last Modified on August 4, 2016